Diesel Injection Test Center

T6000.XL Diesel Injection Test Center is designed to test:Common Rail Injectors of all makes; 6 injectors together; with fuel delivery rate upto 400 mm3 delivery (Highway Truck and Work Machine Engines upto 15L) BOSCH; DENSO; DELPHI; CATERPILLAR; CUMMINS; CONTINENTALEUI/EUP All Makes; BOSCH ( ALL TYPES); DELPHI (ALL TYPES INCLUDING F2 SYSTEM); CATERPILLAR (ALL TYPES INCLUDING 3500 MECHANICAL AND ELECTRONICAL); CUMMINS (C-ELECT AND HPI). More information
Dimensions Machine Dimensions

Machine Dimensions:

Width: 2400 mm
Depth: 1060 mm
Height: 1600 mm
Weight: 1050 kg

Packing Dimensions:

Packing Dimensions:

Width: 2600 mm
Depth: 1160 mm
Height: 1880 mm
Weight: 1200 kg

Technical Specifications High Pressure System
HP Pump Master Pump Bosch CP3
Main Motor 7.5 kW 50-3500 rpm electronic speed control
Max Rail Pressure 2700 bar
Pressure Regulator Bosch
Rail 6 Injector Bosch
Test Oil Supply System
Tank 50 L
LP Supply Pump 4L/min, max 4 bar
Heater Element 2kW
Cooling System Air cooled, 4 L/min 5 degC between 40- 50 degC
Rail Pressure 0-2700 bar, Accuracy 0.1%.
Delivery/Return Measurement Gear Type Flow Meter 2 Units. 0.04mm3 Resolution, max 1000mm3/str Flow metering capacity, @1000 injections per minute Inlet
Pressure Gauge 0-30 bar, 0.1 bar resolution, Accuracy 0.1%
Return Pressure Gauge 0-10 bar, 0.1 bar resolution, Accuracy 0.1%
Test Oil Temperature Gauge 15-120 degC, Placed in the Supply Tank Suction, Resolution 0.1 degC, Accuracy 1%.
Processor i3
Monitor 15" Wide Touch Panel
OS Windows 10
Diesel Injection Specialists™