Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector Tester

TK1024.03 injectester HEUI is redesigned in accordance to the developments in HEUI technology. Computerized controls present the flexibility to adapt to all these changes and possible changes in future. Accuracy in HEUI testing highly depends on an effective temperature control and injector drive technology. TK1024.03 has now better temperature control and minimized need for cooling water.
  • Higher Pressure: New Hydraulic System is capable to provide 300 Bar Test Oil Pressure at max 4 L/min flow rate
  • Standard Test Oil: Use ISO4113 to test HEUI injectors with precision.
  • Automatic High Pressure Setting: New Hydraulic System sets pressure automatically, testing continues without interruption.
  • Much Faster Testing.... No need to attend testing
  • PD FlowMeter for more accuracy and repeatability
  • Temperature Control with Intelligent Pump Control Module
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Dimensions Machine Dimensions

Width: 930 mm

Depth: 650 mm

Height: 1690 mm

Weight: 270 kg

Packing Dimensions:

Width: 1090 mm

Depth: 860 mm

Height: 1890 mm

Weight: 360 kg

Technical Specifications High Pressure Circuit Specs
HP Pump HP CR Pump
Max Pressure 340 bar
HP Regulator Digitally Controlled, Electronic High Flow Regulator
Low Pressure Circuit Specs
LP Pump Electric Pump, 4 L/min
Max Pressure 4 bar
LP Regulator Manual
High Pressure 0-300 bar; Digital
Low Pressure 0-6 bar; Digital
Flow Gear Type; 0 - 200 mm3/Stroke; Digital
Temperature 10- 160 °C; Digital
Electricity Requirement 360-415 Vac 3 phase 50 Hz.
Electricity Requirement 100- 240 Vac 1 phase 50/60 Hz for electronics and computer.
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